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Wildhorse Resort & Casino Entertains the Whole Family

It is challenging to plan a vacation for families with a wide age range among the children. Such vacations work out best when they take place at a destination where everyone from oldest to youngest is sure to be thoroughly engaged and entertained. Fortunately, there is entertainment galore at the Wildhorse Resort & Casino for family members of all ages. Even grandmothers who love nothing more than spending time with her grandchildren are apt to have a great time playing the slot machines.  Consider the variety of features offered and see if they don’t amply supply all of your family’s needs.


The Wildhorse Resort & Casino’s video arcade is open from 8 am to midnight, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The arcade is a gaming enthusiast’s paradise. No matter how old a person is, they will find games from the decades they recall represented. Gamers race across the Sierra Nevada on virtual motorcycles, attempt to cross the road à la classic Frogger style as a digital chicken, or grab a new plush stuffed animal from the claw machine.

2020 arcade expansion plans will incorporate new games and an expanded ticket redemption hub that features new prizes. The arcade enjoys a convenient location between the Cineplex where families can enjoy the latest new releases together and the Children’s Entertainment Center.

Children’s Entertainment Center

The Children’s Entertainment Center is next door to the Cineplex. It is in the heart of the WR&C’s family wing. While visiting, children enjoy the opportunity to make new friends, to play, sing, and fellowship together safely under adult supervision. The Children’s Entertainment Center offers a variety of the latest gaming consoles, movie screens, a jungle gym for physical play and activity. The fully stocked craft area offers kids a space in which they can paint, draw, build, and take their creations home to share with their families.


The Wildhorse Resort & Casino is proud to host a variety of special entertainment events throughout the year featuring award-winning artists and well-known stand-up comedians. The February 2020 events page includes a Red Zone Super Bowl watch party and a Valentine’s Day concert featuring award-winning country music singer Collin Raye. The calendar receives frequent updates, as new events get posted. Visit the site frequently to keep up with all confirmed entertainment bookings.  


The Wildhorse Resort & Casino is proud to feature a wide variety of award-winning artists from a broad range of musical genres and styles in their live-event hosting. From early 90s R&B to classic country superstars, rock-and-roll legends, and a little of everything in between, the Wildhorse Resort & Casino offers performances by so many genres of artists that there is something sure to appeal to nearly everyone’s musical tastes. Visit the website for Wildhorse Resort entertainment to stay posted on all of the upcoming concerts. 

Live Music

The Wildhorse Resort & Casino always has live music on the weekends. They regularly schedule entertainers to provide guests with a wide variety of musical entertainment. Artists play every Friday and Saturday. Come out and dance to the music, listen, and sing along. Relax and enjoy the fellowship and laid-back atmosphere that only the organic presence of live instrumentalists can provide. There’s no better place to catch that perfect weekend vibe than the bar at Wildhorse Resort & Casino on Friday and Saturday nights. 


Returning in January 2020, the Wildhorse Resort & Casino invites hilarity with stand-up comedians who appear monthly throughout the year. Live comedy shows are an indispensable addition to many people’s vacations, especially for those who are seeking relief from excessive stress and pressure in the home or workplace. Laughter is therapeutic and offers guests the temporary mental escape they need to return to their jobs, able to tackle life’s daily challenges with fresh focus and determination.   

Sometimes a night of comedic relief is all a person needs to figure out the answers for the problems they face. As legendary stand-up comedian George Carlin once said, “When people are laughing, they’re uninhibited, and when people are uninhibited, they can think for a moment.” Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming information about stand-up comedy performances in 2020. 

Gaming Tables

Wildhorse Resort & Casino offers everything the cardsharp and high roller dreams about, including roulette, craps, poker, and blackjack, in a variety of all the most popular styles. For a fun new twist on blackjack, check out Spanish 21, which is almost the same as regular blackjack except there are no tens in the deck. Other card games include Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em, Three Card Poker, and Two-Hand or “Pai Gow” poker. Wildhorse Resort & Casino also proudly hosts blackjack tournaments on the first and third Monday of every month, with $500 of bonus money added to every tournament. 

Slot Machines

Last of all is one of the most popular attractions at Wildhorse: slot machines. Wildhorse Resort & Casino proudly offers more than a thousand true Vegas-style slot machines. These are besides hundreds of video machines featuring cash prize payouts. In fact, in December 2019 alone, there were 6,791,367 slot machine jackpots of $500 or more paid out by the Wildhorse Resort & Casino. For those prone to slot-machine fever and graced with a lucky touch, the machines at Wildhorse Resort & Casino offer an outstanding place to try one’s luck.   

As any travel agent will attest, casino and resort vacations make the whole family happy. Where else could a four-year-old decorate cookies while a twelve-year-old competes in an Xbox Live tournament and grandma plays slots? If that doesn’t already sound magical enough, just add to the picture the whole family attending a live country music performance in the evening. If this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. It really is that good. No matter the ages and interests of the people in one’s family, there is something special for every one of them to do.