please gamble responsibly

Help is a click away

Wildhorse Resort & Casino is committed to promoting responsible gambling. Oregon Problem Gambling Resources is for individuals and family members who need help or have been impacted by a gambling problem. Treatment is free and confidential. If you or someone you know, has a gambling problem, visit or call 1-877-MY-LIMIT (69-54648) or text 503-713-6000

Live chat available

A certified gambling addiction counselor available 9am -9pm Monday through Friday. Live Chat OPGR

call the helpline

Call the helpline toll free at 1.877.MY.LIMIT (1.877.69.54648)


Help is a text away 503.713.6000. Available 9am to 9pm Monday through Friday. Standard text message rates may apply. 

find a meeting or treatment center

Free resources are available across Oregon. Search for Gamblers Anonymous meetings or Treatment centers near you. Find a meeting.