Catch a new movie in our five-screen cinema, featuring premium surround sound, theater seating and 3-D screens.

ticket prices

Adult - $10.00

Child - $8.00

Senior - $8.00

Matinees (all ages, before 4pm) - $8.00*


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NOTICE:  Wildhorse online movie ticket sales are temporarily suspended due to technical issues.  Movie tickets may always be purchased at the Wildhorse Cineplex during regular hours of operation. Thank you for your patience.

Jurassic World Dominion

2D - Rated PG-13 | 150min | *MATINEE

2D Showtimes

Top Gun: Maverick

2D - Rated PG-13 | 135min | *MATINEE

2D Showtimes

Downton Abbey: A New Era

2D - Rated PG | 125min | *MATINEE

2D Showtimes


2D - Rated R | 95min | *MATINEE

2D Showtimes

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of...

2D - Rated PG-13 | 130min | *MATINEE

2D Showtimes

The Bad Guys

2D - Rated PG | 100min | *MATINEE

2D Showtimes

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

2D - Rated PG | 120min | *MATINEE

2D Showtimes