Every Friday and Saturday starting at 8pm in the Wildhorse Sports Bar



Time Machine Radio

Time Machine Radio (Pop)

April 22-23  |   8pm – midnight

Wildhorse Sports Bar

Experience pop music magic, all over again!  Time Music Radio plays your favorite high-energy music featuring popular rock and dance songs from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s up to now!

The Cory Wilds Band (Rock)

April 29-30  |   8pm – midnight

Wildhorse Sports Bar

Rock on!  The Cory Wilds Band is an energetic, three-piece unit that blends elements of traditional Rock and Blues music for a sound that’s sure to please.


Harmonious Funk

Harmonious Funk (Funk/R&B)

May 6-7  |   8pm – midnight

Wildhorse Sports Bar

From the nearby state of Washington, Harmonious Funk is a popular casino-focused band that performs Top 40 and cover music from the ’80s, ’90s, early ‘2000s and current times.


Raucous (Rock)

May 13-14  |   8pm – midnight

Wildhorse Sports Bar

Raucous (pronounced “Rock Us”) presents an energy-packed, audience-friendly performance, playing a wide variety of classic rock and dance music.

Groove City

Groove City (R&B, Top 40)

May 20-21  |   8pm – midnight

Wildhorse Sports Bar

Groove City is a high-energy dance band that plays Top 40 hits as well as R & B old-school with a flair for funk.  Entertainment is their business.

The Jet City Players (Pop, Variety)

May 27-28  |   8pm – midnight

Wildhorse Sports Bar

The Jet City Players Have been performing together for 20 years.  Although the members may change, the music remains.  This energetic, passionate group of professionals plays music covering a broad spectrum of hits, from the ’80s to the ‘2000s.