Ticket Purchase Terms and Conditions

General : Terms and Conditions


  1. Purchases made via this web site are cinema tickets and associated cinema-related products (e.g. 3D glasses, concession items, cinema loyalty memberships, gift cards etc.)
  2. When you purchase via this website, your transaction is made with Jack Roe (CS) Ltd., using our E-commerce merchant name “Jacro Online Cinema Sales” on behalf of your selected cinema.“Jacro Online Cinema Sales” refers to Jack Roe (CS) Ltd. (Registered Office: Laburnum House, Peterstow, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. HR9 5NB).
  3. By purchasing tickets using the service provided by Jack Roe (CS) Ltd. you are agreeing to accept and abide by all terms and conditions published herein. Please ensure that you read all terms and conditions carefully before completing your purchase.
  4. Only products and services permitted by law of the local jurisdiction, and as agreed under agreement with our merchant aquirer, are offered for sale via this website.
  5. Jack Roe (CS) Ltd. and its booking systems are responsible for your web transaction payment on behalf of your selected cinema. In the event of any query relating to issues with your payment, please contact your selected cinema in the first instance. If you are unable to resolve your query with your selected cinema, please contact us using the details listed below, and we will make enquiries with the cinema on your behalf.In the event of any query which relates to the tickets or cinema-related products purchased (e.g. pricing, age restriction etc.) please contact your selected cinema directly.
  6. We reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions where necessary. The latest changes to our terms and conditions are published here as soon as they become applicable. You are encouraged to regularly review these terms and conditions for any amendments which may be applicable to your purchase. Other terms, conditions, and restrictions may apply.

Ticket and Cinema Purchases


  1. We hope that you will find our online booking systems simple to operate. However, in the event of any queries relating to purchasing cinema tickets and cinema-related products, please contact us using the contact details below.
  2. Please note that your purchase is subject to your acceptance of any requirements stated or which may reasonably be expected of you in relation to your purchase. For instance, when purchasing tickets, you agree to abide by any age restrictions imposed upon the film.Please note that your selected cinema may require you to provide evidence of your entitlement to purchase (e.g. proof of age or concession status).
  3. This website is used for the purchase of cinema tickets and cinema-related products. Please note that 3D glasses may be required when purchasing tickets for 3D films. Wherever possible, the booking pages indicate whether your purchase includes 3D glasses. However, due to the variety of 3D systems used by modern cinemas, the type of glasses required, and whether or not these may be purchased in advance, can vary from cinema to cinema. If in any doubt as to 3D glasses arrangements at your selected cinema, please contact the cinema directly.
  4. Purchases made via this website are subject to ticket availability. Your order constitutes an offer to purchase from your selected cinema, and the on screen booking confirmation indicates acceptance of your offer on behalf of your selected cinema by Jack Roe (CS) Ltd. At this point, a contract exists between you and your selected cinema.An automated booking confirmation is sent to the email address you enter when purchasing tickets and cinema-related products. This details your transaction reference and/or a unique booking reference and/or QR code which should be provided when collecting your purchase at the cinema. Please ensure that you check your confirmation carefully, as it may not be possible to rectify mistakes unless your selected cinema is informed immediately. Note that the cinema’s stated terms and conditions with regard to refund or cancellation apply in the first instance.
  5. We recommend that you either print a copy of your booking confirmation to take to the cinema with you or ensure your confirmation is available on your mobile device, as proof of your reservation.
  6. We reserve the right to refuse your booking request on behalf of your selected cinema.
  7. Please note that ticket availability can fluctuate in response to changes made at the Box Office, and cinemas can remove seats from sale at short notice. Where seat availability changes after you have entered the booking process, your booking will not be completed, and you will have the opportunity to select alternative seats, if available.
  8. Please note that your seat selection may be automatically adjusted in accordance with cinema policy, in order to prevent single seats being left unallocated (e.g. on the edge of an aisle). Wherever this is necessary, our systems will advise you, and you will be given the opportunity to select alternative seats.

Collection of Tickets


  1. Note that tickets are not posted unless this is specifically stated in your selected cinema’s terms and conditions regarding fulfilment of your purchase.
  2. Your tickets will be available for collection from the Box Office prior to the start of your chosen film. Collection may be from the Box Office upon presentation of your booking confirmation or credit card, or, where available, by using an automated ticket collection machine (ATM).

Transfers and Refunds


  1. In the event of any query regarding your purchase (e.g. you are unable to attend your selected show), please check with your selected cinema in the first instance using the details on your booking confirmation.They will be able to offer advice, and will be able to issue an exchange or refund where appropriate, subject to the terms of their conditions of purchase.The cinema policy in relation to exchanges and refunds is available via the cinema’s website.In the event of any dispute that cannot be resolved with your selected cinema, please contact Jack Roe (CS) Ltd. using the details below and we will assist.

Card Handling Fee


  1. Jack Roe (CS) Ltd. acts as ticketing agent for your selected cinema. We make a charge for this service, and the cinema may charge a reasonable fee to cover the cost of this service.Please note that the level of any booking fee charged is set by the cinema, and not by Jack Roe (CS) Ltd.


Contacting Us


In the event that you have any queries regarding the above privacy policy, please contact us at webmaster@jack-roe.co.uk , or on 01989 567474.

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