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The Benefits of Being a Club Wild Member at Wildhorse Resort & Casino

If you’re living in or planning a visit to the Pacific Northwest, the Wildhorse Resort & Casino is an excellent place to spend time. More than just a place to play the slots, the resort offers a host of benefits to its guests via Club Wild, their rewards membership program. 

What Is The Wildhorse Resort & Casino?

The Wildhorse Resort & Casino is a place for recreation and leisure that offers something for everyone, from individuals to families to groups of all sizes. Located just east of Pendleton, OR, the resort is owned by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation. It is centrally located in the Pacific Northwest and is convenient for visitors from Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.

The Casino

The resort includes a 24-hour casino that features more than 1,200 slot machines along with all the classic table games like roulette, blackjack, and poker. In addition, guests can enjoy live entertainment in the form of concerts by award-winning artists like Travis Tritt along with local favorites, stand-up comedy, and special events.

Accommodations And Other Amenities

Guests can stay at the resort’s hotel or in the on-site RV park, play an 18-hole golf course, visit the 5-screen movie theater, check out the tribal museum, and enjoy a wide variety of restaurants. There is also a special area just for kids. The children’s arcade is geared toward guests from ages 3 to 13, and it includes a wide range of video games, karaoke, movies, a jungle gym, and arts and crafts.

What Is The Rewards Club?

The Wildhorse rewards club is designed to help members enjoy a more fun and more personalized experience at the resort and casino. The club is free to join, and it’s offered to any guest over the age of 21 who visits the Wildhorse Resort & Casino. The rewards club allows members to earn points as they play slots, table games, Bingo, and Keno. The points can then be exchanged for more gameplay or for other types of rewards, including restaurant, entertainment, and hotel discounts.

What Are The Benefits Of Membership?

By signing up for the rewards club, members can earn points while they play casino slots and games and then use the points to enhance their experience at the resort. With a huge array of rewards options to choose from and the opportunity to upgrade their level of membership, Wildhorse guests who sign up for the club can truly get the most out of their experience.

Earn Rewards Points For Play

By signing up for the rewards program, members can earn points for playing casino games. Specifically, each dollar spent on a slot machine or on certain other games, like Bingo and Keno, earns 1 rewards point for club members. Points can then be exchanged for more gameplay or for restaurant, hotel, and movie discounts, to name just a few other options.

Spend Rewards On Casino Play 

One of the easiest and most popular ways to use reward points is to spend them on more slot games at the casino. Members can do that by inserting their card into a slot machine with a touch screen keypad. Once they access their account with the PIN, they can choose to cash in their points for free play, and they can also access free play promotional offers that are only available to rewards members.

Spend Rewards On Entertainment And Shopping

While earning rewards points is a great way to play free games in the casino, club members’ points can do so much more than that. Points can be exchanged for discounts almost anywhere at the resort: the hotel, restaurants, the golf course, and the movie theater all accept rewards cards. In addition, members can use their points to purchase Wildhorse Wampum, which is accepted at the Arrowhead Travel Plaza for gas and shopping.

Get Automatic Discounts On Lodging, Food, and Gifts

All members receive a minimum discount of 10% off accommodations at the hotel or the RV park as well as 10% off a meal at Plateau, one of the seven restaurants at the resort. In addition, all club members get 10% off all gift shop purchases, excluding cigarettes.

Get More Benefits At Higher Tiers Of Membership

The Wildhorse rewards club offers several tiers of membership, and guests can level up simply by earning more points. There is never a cost for being a club member. The tiers, from lowest to highest, are known as River, Vista, Horizon, Sky, and Star. 

At the Horizon level, for example, members have earned 60,000 points, and the points they earn are automatically multiplied by 2. Other benefits at this level include 50% off weekday hotel rooms, a free round of golf and use of a golf cart, and a 25% discount at the children’s entertainment center.

At the highest level of membership, the Star level, members have earned 1,000,000 points or more, and their earned points are multiplied by 4. In addition, these members get free accommodations at the hotel or RV park, four games of golf per week, free movie tickets, and free transportation from the resort into town.

Participate In Other Promotions

Besides just earning points for play, club members can be entered in drawings for all kinds of giveaways, from cash to other valuable prizes. For example, some 2019 rewards club members won a free trip to Atlanta for the Superbowl. 

Access Account 24/7

Members can access their account at any time by swiping their card at an e-Station or by logging into the website with their card number.

How To Apply For Membership?

The rewards club is free for any Wildhorse guest over the age of 21. To become a member, you can sign up online or in-person by providing your name and contact information. To receive your membership card, you’ll need to show a government-issued photo ID.