Oregon Grain Growers Distillery

We are both Pendleton Oregon natives who have moved back to the area to raise our kids and to be a part of this heritage rich community. When we were younger we didn’t understand or appreciate the significance of Oregon agriculture but now that we have aged (like a fine bourbon) we realize what treasures this region holds.Kelli and I have a vision and plan to showcase the local agricultural products Oregon has to offer through the crafting of spirits. We will use the knowledge we have gained at the local cooperative and relationships built within the community.  Our growers take pride in their crops they produce and we want to produce spirits that they can also be proud of.  One of those grower relationships has been critical to the success of getting this vision up and running and that is our partnership with Cliff and Judy Bracher.  Century farmers who take great pride in sharing the history of agriculture and how distilling can be an extension of agriculture in our region.