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How to Enjoy a Casino Christmas

Many Oregon residents do not plan on participating in a traditional Christmas celebration for one reason or another. They may have only recently moved to the state and have not yet established any meaningful friendships yet. Others are dealing with a major life change such as divorce and have agreed to let the ex-spouse have the children over the holiday.  

There also are people who will travel to visit family for Christmas but would prefer to stay at a nice hotel in the area. They won’t be a bother to their relatives and they’ll appreciate the comfort and convenience of their own space.

All of these men and women may be interested in a casino Christmas at 

Wildhorse Resort near Pendleton.

The All-Around Experience

A full-service establishment is ideal, providing everything the guests need for a fun and relaxing holiday. Choosing one that is within just a few miles of a city also allows travelers to go shopping in town or visit local attractions if they are so inclined.

Guests can expect the staff members to create a festive atmosphere for the holiday season. They’ll enjoy all of the amenities without any of the stress that often is connected with this time of year. They’ll probably want to play some games and they also might see a movie and spend some time indulging in adult beverages at the bar. There’s no need for a designated driver during this vacation.


When choosing Wildhorse Resort & Casino for a holiday vacation, customers don’t need to make reservations at a lodging facility in a different location. All the main features are usually within walking distance of the guest rooms. If not, shuttle service is normally provided by the organization. In fact, it’s common for resorts outside of the city limits to provide shuttle service into town.

Although family and close friends who live in the region may encourage these travelers to stay at their homes, the travelers like the idea of guest lodging much better. They don’t need to sleep on a hide-a-bed and nobody has to give up a bedroom. They like having their privacy as well.


Although there are other restaurants in town, this type of venue offers so many dining opportunities that guests truly have no reason to venture out into the chilly weather to experience something different. Fine dining, a sports bar and grill, a coffee shop, and other facilities provide something for everyone. Men and women who love a great steak will not be disappointed. Their vegetarian counterparts also will have no trouble finding plenty of delicious items on the various menus.

Movie Theater

Not every casino has a movie theater right there at the site, so those who love watching films in a theater setting will be very pleased about this amenity. Going to a movie on Christmas night has become a tradition over the last several decades for many people. Whether it is an action movie or a sweet Christmas movie for every member of the family to enjoy, people love to spend a couple hours watching a film on Christmas.

Guests may want to embrace this Christmas tradition even if they are not having a conventional holiday celebration. The cineplex will be showing several feature films so that everyone will find something they are interested in watching. Depending on the day, each movie usually is shown at more than one time, allowing guests to go to the movies without messing up their schedule or plans. 

Gambling Opportunities

Seasoned gamblers will gravitate to the machines and other activities they like best, while men and women new to gaming will likely sample various options before settling in on one or two favorite opportunities. They already understand that some are pure luck while others require certain levels of skill for success. 

Many customers like playing the slots, bingo, and roulette. These men and women are not interested in developing strategies and using their math skills. They would rather ask Lady Luck to give them some assistance. Roulette, in particular, tends to be a social game, even though the players are not teaming up together. Laughter and friendly commentary are common characteristics around the roulette table.

Other customers like to get in on poker, blackjack, and Texas Hold ‘Em. That’s especially true if they have some experience with these activities. Skilled players sometimes are able to win enough money to pay for a large part of their vacation.

Local residents commonly are frequent customers, appreciating the option as an all-around entertainment venue that doesn’t require any travel. That’s particularly gratifying during winter weather. Those who want to get out of the house on Christmas and enjoy a big lunch or dinner cooked by a professional chef may come here for a meal and a drink or two, even if they have no intention of gambling. 

Guests who have relatives and friends in the area might like to spend some time with them at the resort, gambling a bit in the afternoon and evening and then having drinks and dinner afterward. This gathering gives everyone many hours to catch up with one another while also having an entertaining time.

Once this Christmas holiday vacation has wrapped up, the guests may feel like the venue has become a second home of sorts. Although they must get back to their usual daily activities now, they’re eager to visit again at any time of year. The staff members, along with all the amenities, have made this an unconventional holiday to remember fondly and tell everyone about later. 

Thanksgiving and early December mark the start of the holiday season. Now, it’s time to make a reservation at the place of one’s choice.