Here are some of the things we’ve been working on to protect the health and safety of our employees and guests! 

Golfers, great news! The Wildhorse Golf Course is now OPEN for public play.  You can call today to book your tee time. For details on the course safety guidelines, please CLICK HERE.  Play it safe with a little space.  Book your tee time today! Plus, the Clubhouse Grill is now OPEN for dine-in or takeout.

Dear Wildhorse Employees, it has come to our attention that some of you are having difficulty with the Oregon State Unemployment when attempting to file for unemployment.  We suggest that you call the local number 541-276-9050.  If you continue to have problems contact Wildhorse HR at 541-966-1543 and leave a message, someone will return your call.  HR can verify if your claim has been processed.


Oregon state officials apologize for unemployment claim delays, offer explanations

PORTLAND, Ore — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to apologize to Oregonians waiting for their unemployment claims to be processed.

She wrote: “I hear your frustration. I’m sorry for the delays. I’m committed to ensuring that eligible Oregonians receive the maximum benefits available, as quickly as possible. These benefits are critical during this stressful time.

The governor went on to say: “Thank you for your patience as the Oregon Employment Department processes an unprecedented 333,700 applications and prepares to launch benefits for gig workers. They’ve added phone lines and increased from 106 to 520 staffers, with a goal of 800. They’re working hard to be as efficient as they can.”

OED has been overwhelmed with people filing for unemployment insurance benefits and many people tell us the process has not been smooth.

In a statement Monday, Oregon Speaker of the House Tina Kotek said the department had handled over 230,000 initial claims over five weeks. However, a “long queue” of initial claims have not even been processed.

“Under normal circumstances, it takes three weeks to get a payment, but some folks are now looking at four or five weeks for their first payment,” Kotek said. “The system won’t recognize weekly claims until the initial application is processed, and that’s why people are getting confusing computer messages.

“When the initial claim is approved, benefits will be retroactive and people will get all the benefits they are owed, including the $600 per week Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation,” she said.

Email responses have been taking longer than a week, she acknowledged, and phone call wait times are still averaging over 100 minutes.

The claims system is expected to be ready to process self-employed and 1099 contract applications for CARES Act Pandemic Unemployment Assistance next week.

State officials have admitted that antiquated computer systems have contributed to the problem.

State officials have admitted that antiquated computer systems have contributed to the problem.

Early last week, many people were told they had to restart their claim when they went to file online. But OED says that issue has been fixed.

Gov. Brown’s deputy communications director Charles Boyle said in a statement Sunday that the governor recognizes these are incredibly difficult times for Oregonians.

“At the same time, the Employment Department is working through some challenges with a legacy computer system coupled with an unprecedented number of claims,” Boyle said.

He said OED is working “extraordinarily hard to process claims” and over the past month the agency has more than quadrupled the amount of staff processing claims. As the governor said in her tweet, OED plans to add even more staff.

To accommodate that, the state has sped up the process of securing an office lease on behalf of OED. The department chose a building in Wilsonville.

Oregon Employment Department data released Thursday shows 333,770 Oregonians filed for unemployment in a five-week span.

The week of April 13, OED paid out $87 million in unemployment benefits to Oregonians. If you include the $600 weekly stimulus from the federal government, $119 million in benefits were paid out that week.

“Even though our system is a few decades old, it is continuing to successfully process the bulk of claims, record numbers of them every single day. And that doesn’t mean there still isn’t plenty to do, “ Gail Krumenauer, spokeswoman for the OED, said last week.

For the third week in a row, the highest number of claims continue to come from the leisure and hospitality sector, which includes hotels and restaurants.

The federal government told states to find a way to get unemployment and stimulus money to self-employed workers not normally a part of the unemployment system.

Oregon’s Employment Department is working to set up a system from scratch to pay self-employed Oregonians and “gig economy” workers like Uber and Lyft drivers. It says it’s been challenging to get the program integrated into Oregon’s old online system but expects to be ready to start accepting and processing those claims by the end of the month.

The governor’s office said part of the state’s ability to set up that system relies on coding.

“Governor Brown has also directed OED to determine a path forward to waive the waiting week for unemployment benefits, another change that will require significant coding work. The Governor is committed to working with OED to ensure that all eligible Oregonians receive the maximum benefits available to them,” Boyle said.

OED said people will still get paid for the weeks they were unemployed but unable to file. However, it would take thousands of hours to reprogram their outdated computer system and doing so would delay claims it is currently processing.

“Replacing that legacy system will take a significant investment of time and resources, so the department is focused on solutions that can be implemented more immediately, such as the coding and staffing changes I’ve referenced,” Boyle said. “Given these circumstances, the Governor appreciates the patience of Oregonians as we work to increase the amount of staff dedicated to processing claims, the time in which it takes to complete the processing of those claims, and the speed in which Oregonians receive their benefits.”

In the past five weeks, 26 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits. This marks the worst stretch of U.S. job losses on record and means that roughly one in six workers have lost their jobs in that time.


To file an online claim for unemployment benefits, go to Oregon.gov/employ or call 1-877-FILE-4-UI. For help finding jobs and training resources, contact your local WorkSource Oregon center or go to WorkSourceOregon.org.

OED also suggests people try emailing oed_covid19_info@oregon.gov for help.

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. Contact: (503) 947-1794. For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, call 711 Telecommunications Relay Services.



Wildhorse Resort & Casino will continue to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic which includes possible “freezes” and furloughs.

The following FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) are provided to help employees understand what is happening, how things will work, what are the impacts, when, why and where…

A furlough is used when a company must reduce labor costs due to business needs, while maintaining benefits and an anticipated return to work date for it’s employees. WRC may furlough employees as different parts of the resort are closed, and anticipates a return to work once COVID-19 is under control.

The furlough does not impact your employment status – FT or PT, job position, date of hire, seniority date, evaluation date, etc. All that remains intact.

The furlough period allows employees the option of using accrued vacation leave, or, to file for unemployment benefits.

Essential staff working part time hours, may file for unemployment benefits to supplement their work hours. They must report these hours in their weekly reporting.

Employees working or receiving paid hours will have their deductions continue as usual. Employees on unemployment, or those working a partial work schedule and collecting unemployment, will not have hours to collect for these deductions. Under this circumstance, most deductions will have to wait until a return to work is implemented. Any 401(k) loan payments will not go into default by a “skipped” payment, nor will voluntary payments for life insurance, AFLAC, FSA, etc.

The only deduction that WILL need to continue is any dependent care costs for the medical/dental plan. The employee is responsible to make that payment by sending a check or money order to the Benefits Specialist in HR. Non-payment may cause that medical coverage to lapse.

You can go to the Oregon State Unemployment website https://www.oregon.gov/employ/unemployment for complete information about unemployment benefits or call 1-800-699-9075 for more information. You can register for benefits on line (easy 5 minute process) or by phone. There is a one week wait period once you have filed for UE benefits that is not paid. The website answers all your questions about UE benefits. If you have previously filed for unemployment you should be able to start your claim without needing to register again.

Employees can call the HR office at 541-966-1543 and leave a message. An HR staff member will return the call. They can help with questions and verify if an employee claim has been processed.

Yes, if you elect to use accrued vacation leave and run out, you can file for unemployment benefits.

Employees in their 90-day probationary period do not have access to accrued leave and leave taken is LWOP. Probationary employees can file for unemployment for these unpaid periods. WRC is allowing vacation leave donation to probationary employees that may be applied during the leave use furlough.

Yes, employees can cash out accrued vacation leave up to 50% of their balance. The cash out form is available on this website. You will need to complete the form and drop at the back-security podium for payroll. Payroll will have a check ready in the next 48 business hours, which you can pick up at the same back podium. Be aware that vacation cash out is considered as payment by unemployment, and it may impact your benefits payment.

Employees should reach out to their department head for any questions. Managers will be checking messages and return calls as needed. If you are unable to reach your department, you can leave a message on the HR reception desk- 541-966-1543. Messages are checked daily, Monday-Friday, and your call will be forwarded or handled as appropriate.


Employees wanting to make their premium payments for the following coverage should address a check or money order to:

a.     Medical/Dental – WRC

b.     FSA – CTUIR

c.      AFLAC – AFLC

d.     Life Insurance – Lifemap 


1. Go to the Wildhorse Resort Facebook page.
2. On the left you will see a “Groups” option.
3. Select WRC Employees Team Only group and request to join.
4. You will be accepted within 24 hours.
Great way to stay informed! 

Downloadable Forms

If you have more specific questions please contact your direct supervisor or HR at 541-966-1543. Stay safe, stay healthy and remember we are all in this together! #TeamWild