Wildhorse Donation Guidelines

Welcome to the Wildhorse Resort & Casino donation request page. We updated or process for donations to expedite requests and guide your activity.

In-Kind Donations Request Guidelines

  1. A 501(c) non-profit organization or Native American group, has preference.
  2. Only one donation request from an organization is considered per calendar year.
  3. If all criteria is met and the Donations Review Committee approves, your organization may receive gift certificate(s) for services or goods to be provided at Wildhorse Resort & Casino. The gift certificate(s) will expire one year from the last day of the month that the organization holds its event.
  4. To ensure a great experience for all parties involved, the organization receiving the donation is accountable to ensure that all required information is included when the gift certificate(s) are awarded during their event.
  5. The Donation Request Application must be completed and submitted 45 days before the event to be considered for a donation.
  6. If the form is filled out accurately and completely, the sender will receive an email response confirming receipt by Wildhorse.
  7. The Donations Review Committee reviews donation requests every four weeks. Attempts are made to reply to all requests to inform the organization of the committees decision.

PLEASE NOTE: An individual or group which seeks to influence elections or legislation, organizations for sectarian or religious purposes or institutions which in policy or practice unfairly discriminate against race, ethnic origin, sex, creed or religion, are not eligible for Wildhorse Resort & Casino donations.

Technical Assistance

Google Chrome Users

  1. Click download form link to open PDF form.
  2. Form will open in new window.
  3. Click the grey border or hover mouse around grey border; icons will appear, at the top right corner.
  4. Click the down arrow.
  5. Prompt box will open, select location were you wish to save the form.
  6. Download will start.
    1. Download file will appear in the bottom left of your screen.
    2. Once file is done downloading.
    3. Navigate to the folder you saved the form to and open the file in Adobe Reader.
    4. Some computers will automatically save the file in the download folder.
  7. Fill out form completely, all required content will pop up a warning if not filled out when the submit button is clicked and box will be highlighted in red.

Internet Explorer Users

1.       Click download form link to open PDF form.

2.       Form will open in new window.

3.       A tool bar will appear at the top of the form.

4.       Click the disc icon to save (download form).

5.       Save the file to your desktop or desired location.

6.    Open the PDF file, fill out form completely. All required content will pop up a warning if not filled out when the submit button is clicked and box will be highlighted in red.

Submitting Form

For Outlook and Gmail users:

  1. Click the submit button.
  2. A dialog box will open up.
  3. If using Outlook select Default email application (Microsoft Outlook).
    1. Outlook will open and populate a draft email and the PDF file will be added as an attachment in the email.
    2. Click send.
  4. If using a web based email like Gmail.
    1. Click use Webmail.
    2. Click the drop down window.
    3. Select add Gmail.
    4. Enter your Gmail email address.
      1. Click ok.
    5. Enter your password to your Gmail account.
      1. Click ok.
    6. A web browser window will open with your Gmail account.
      1. A draft email will populate and the PDF file will be added as an attachment to the email
      2. Click send.

Fill Form Instructions

How to submit a Donation Application:

  1. First, please note “Adobe Reader” program is required to complete application
    1. If you don’t have “Adobe Reader” download before you start (free to download, click above)
  2. Once Adobe Reader is installed, download “Donation Request Application”
  3. Open form and immediately save the “Donation Request Application” on your desktop or in a folder. Follow Technical Assistance for your browser (Google, IE etc.) if you need help
  4. Once saved, open the saved “Donation Request Application” in Adobe Reader
    1. This can be done by right clicking saved document, click on “Open with” then click on Adobe Reader
  5. Maximize the size of the form for best results.
  6. Use the Tab Key to move through the form.
  7. Use the Arrow keys (ß à á â) to move between the No/Yes, Event Date and drop down (‚)
  8. Application is formatted for desktop computers only. Form not compatible with phones or tablets.
  9. Click “Save.”
  10. Click “Submit.”
  11. You will receive an Error Message if form is incomplete or missing information. Please make any corrections to form and click “Submit” again.
  12. When the form is successfully completed, an email will appear with your form attached. Please read the body of the email and then click “send.”
    1. If you don’t receive this pop-up e-mail you can attach the saved document to an e-mail and send to requests@wildhorseresort.com.

Once you click “send” Wildhorse Resort & Casino Donation Review Committee receives your request and you will receive a copy of the e-mail in your inbox for the e-mail address you provided on the form.