Wildhorse Donation Guidelines

In-Kind Donations Request Guidelines

  1. The organization seeking a donation must be a 501(c), non-profit organization or Native American Group.
  2. Only one (1) in-kind donation request from an organization is considered per calendar year.
  3. If approved, your organization will receive one or more gift certificates for services or goods to be provided at Wildhorse Resort Casino. The gift certificates will be honored up to one year starting from the date of your organizations event. The  certificate cannot be extended.
  4. The in-kind donation request form must be competed to be considered for sponsorship.
  5. Please allow a minimum of 45 days to process your in-kind donation request form.
  6. Should your request be declined, you will receive a written notice.

Submission Instructions

  1. Download form
  2. Print form
  3. Fill out form completely
  4. Scan completed form and email to requests@wildhorseresort.com
  5. Or mail completed form to:
    1. Attn: Donation Request – Wildhorse Resort & Casino, 46510 Wildhorse Blvd. Pendleton, OR 97801