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Club Wild FAQs

How are players ranked by tier?

Players will move up to the Cayuse or Appaloosa tiers based on their Points Earned over a 12-month period. Players may move up at the end of any month and stay there until the end of the year or move up again, depending on their play. At the end of the year, all players are considered for re-ranking. The Appaloosa and Cayuse cards have a December 31 expiration date but this does not expire your Club Wild membership.

How many points are needed to move up?

Players will move up the month they attain these levels of Points Earned over the previous 12 months:
Appaloosa         20,000 Points Earned
Cayuse             80,000 Points Earned

How can I track my current number of Points Earned?

Just stop in at Club Wild and they’ll happily look up your Points Earned for the previous 12 months.

How do I take advantage of the rewards, once I move to a higher level?

To use some of your benefits, you just show your Club Wild card and a photo ID—at the hotel or RV Park, to bypass the line at Traditions or Club Wild or for a cart at the golf course, or free admission to the Tamástslikt Cultural Institute. You can also show your card at Arrowhead Travel Plaza for discounts on merchandise and gas. Other benefits will come to you in the form of special mailed offers—free or discounted meals, cash back opportunities and free play on your favorite slots. For questions on how to take advantage of your benefits, just ask a Club Wild host.

Do the Cards ever expire?

Your membership in Club Wild never expires as long as you continue to play regularly at Wildhorse. However, your level of play at the casino determines which Club level you’ve earned. All players are re-ranked at the end of each year. Your play will determine if you stay at your current level. The Cayuse and Appaloosa cards have a December 31 expiration date but this does not expire your Club Wild membership.

What are Points Earned and how do I earn them?

Points Earned accumulate as you play the games at Wildhorse. For every $2 you play on the slots you will receive one Earned Point. Points earned on table games is based on hold of game. Each day of carded play on Bingo or Keno will earn 100 points. Points Earned do not include the bonus points you receive during special promotions.

Does ranking cost me points?

Absolutely not. For ranking players and moving them to a higher level Wildhorse uses Points Earned like a score only. They are not redeemed or used until you choose to use them, regardless of which level you’ve achieved.